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Since 1964, Devry Smith Frank LLP (DSF) has been a trusted advisor and advocate for corporations, individuals, and small businesses. The enduring relationships we have developed with our clients form the solid foundation on which the firm has been built — and they are clearly illustrated through our clients’ many testimonials!

Our law firm is comprised of over 175 dedicated legal and support staff to better service your needs. We are driven by delivering value to our clients in all that we do.

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DSF Toronto welcomes Robert McShane!

Robert McShane

We are happy to announce that Robert McShane has joined our Business and Corporate group in Toronto.

Prior to joining DSF, Robert gained extensive experience articling at a full-service firm in Ottawa and later practicing as an associate at a well-established firm in Toronto.

In 2012, Robert obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. He later received his Juris Doctor (Honours) from Bond University in 2017 and was called to the Bar in 2018.

Welcome, Robert!

DSF Toronto welcomes Theresa Dimaliwat!

Justin Dominic

We are happy to announce that Theresa Dimaliwat has joined our accounting department in Toronto.

She brings with her 6 years of experience in the area of accounting and has vast experience in the payroll and administrative area.

Welcome, Theresa!

DSF Barrie welcomes George Messih!

George Messih

We are happy to announce that George Messih has joined our Real Estate group in Barrie.

Prior to joining DSF, George worked at a boutique law firm in Toronto, and his practice focused on commercial and residential real estate, business acquisitions, and estate planning and administration. With a client-centred approach and the ability to anticipate issues before they arise, George is a reference point to clients who rely on him for timely advice and the smooth carriage of their files.

George obtained his Bachelor`s degree in economics from McMaster University. He later travelled to the UK to study law at the University of South Wales, where he received his LL.B. During this time, he volunteered at the student legal aid clinic where he worked closely with lawyers from leading UK law firms in assisting members of the community with contract, tenancy, and various advisory matters

Welcome, George!

DSF Toronto welcomes Justin Dominic!

Justin Dominic

We are happy to announce that Justin Dominic has joined DSF as a Digital Marketing Assistant in Toronto.

Justin has received his Bachelor’s in English Literature from Loyola College in 2015 and continued his studies in order to receive his Post Grad in Marketing Management from Sheridan College in 2016 and his Post Grad in Journalism from Humber College in 2017.

He has worked in the field of digital marketing developing his experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, influencer marketing, social media, client services, data analysis, and reporting.

Welcome, Justin!

Bencher Election 2019

Robert Adourian

We are pleased to announce that Robert (Bob) Adourian has been elected a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario for a four-year term. The Law Society of Ontario is the body responsible for regulating of lawyers and paralegals in Ontario.

Bob received the second highest number of votes of all candidates in the bencher election. Bob attributes this success in large part to the nature of his practice – he deals with hundreds of lawyers every year. Although this is true, we would attribute Bob’s success to the reputation he has built up over more than 35 years in practice. He is well known for his fairness, courtesy, honesty, and professionalism. Everyone who deals with Bob recognizes him as an example for the profession – his election as a bencher will be a huge benefit that for the Law Society and for the Ontario public.

Bob practices in the areas of real estate, wills and estate planning and estate administration. He has served as a mentor to many law students and young lawyers over the more than 35 years of his legal career.

Bob campaigned on a number of issues – access to justice was paramount. Bob feels strongly that the Law Society must invest in programmes and creative initiatives to facilitate access to justice for members of the public.

Bob also campaigned against the mandatory “Statement of Principles” imposed by the Law Society on members of the bar. Many members opposed the Statement of Principles on the basis that it amounts to “compelled speech”. Although Bob is fully supportive of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession this initiative was seen by many to be divisive and ineffective.

Bob looks forward to providing a voice for solicitors at Convocation – the “Board of Governors” of the Law Society. Bob is very conscious of the demands placed upon real estate practitioners, particularly those who are sole practitioners or members of small firms. Please join us in congratulating Bob on his election.

Congratulations Bob!

DSF Toronto welcomes Jessica Ritchie!

Jessica Ritchie

We are happy to announce that Jessica Ritchie has joined Devry Smith Frank LLP as a law clerk in our Toronto family law department.

Jessica brings with her 30 years of administrative and clerical experience along with over 20 years of experience working as a law clerk.

Welcome, Jessica!

DSF Toronto welcomes Samira Soueidan!

Samira Soueidan

We are happy to announce that Samira Soueidan has joined Devry Smith Frank LLP as a law clerk in our Toronto family law department.

Samira brings with her 35 years of experience in the area of family law which has provided her with experience and understanding of the Family Law Rules and the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure.

Samira works closely with clients and assists them in the preparation of their financial statements, gathering their requisite financial disclosure, preparing net family property statements and seeing their file through to a divorce, where applicable. She assists the lawyers with the preparation of court documents, mediation briefs and preparing for arbitration and trials.

Welcome, Samira!

DSF Toronto welcomes Elias Rabinovitch!

Elias Rabinovitch

We are happy to announce that Elias Rabinovitch has joined DSF as a summer law student in Toronto.

Elias is entering his final year of the J.D. program at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to law school, Elias graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

While at Osgoode, Elias has been actively involved in the academic, student and broader public community. In his first year at Osgoode, Elias was awarded the Ivan Cleveland Rand Prize for obtaining the highest academic standing in the course State & Citizen (Constitutional & Public Law).

Welcome, Elias!

DSF Toronto welcomes Steven Huryn!

Steven Huryn

We are happy to announce that Steven Huryn has joined DSF as a summer law student in Toronto.

Steven Huryn is a J.D. student at the University of Western Ontario. Prior to studying law, he completed his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Environmental Science at the University of Toronto. 

As a graduate student, Steven worked as a teaching assistant in multiple courses and this year, in addition to his classes, he held a research assistant position with the Faculty of Law. 

Steven also has two years of experience working in the real estate sector. He enjoys interacting with people and problem solving, which is in large part what motivated him to enter the legal profession. 

Welcome, Steven!

DSF Toronto welcomes Simona Mannone!

Michelle Delaney

We are happy to announce that Simona Mannone has joined Devry Smith Frank LLP as a collection clerk in our Commercial Collections and Mortgage Recovery Department.

Simona brings with her 2 years of collections experience which lead to her working with lawyers and other members in an organised banking recovery group.

Welcome, Simona!

DSF Whitby welcomes Arash Keyvani !

Arash Keyvani

We are happy to announce that Arash Keyvani has joined our family law group in Whitby.

Arash obtained his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University, where he graduated summa cum laude and was a member of the Dean’s Honour Roll. His honours thesis explored the interaction between psychology and law. Arash received his Juris Doctor from the University British Columbia and was called to the Bar in 2018.

Prior to joining Devry Smith Frank LLP , Arash gained extensive experience articling and later practicing as an associate at a boutique family law firm, where he regularly appeared before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice.

Welcome, Arash!